Tuesday, August 9, 2016

optical lighting by lee broom

i'm head over heels for this "optical light" designed by british product & interior designer lee broom...
the "op art graphic patterns are the inspiration for this modern pendant light," and lee chooses materials such as opaque glass and black satin spun steel at the core in this particular design. oh, and if you are enamored with his optical line, there's more. waaaaay more to admire and wish for with regard to lighting but also furniture. (he's even been awarded by the queen!) there is much that is very organic about lee's designs, lots of round, fluid lines and shapes.

but to me, it is the line, in every piece lee creates, that steels the show. he utilizes line in careful and interesting ways. they draw you in, on every visual level. he designs line in motion, still, off center, & layered. i love that! enjoy...

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