Monday, August 15, 2016

monday & tokyo tribal

i'm just in love with this tokyo tribal line by the japanese design studio nendo...
the collection is designed exclusively for industry+ and features 22 items including stools, chairs, tables & shelves. the entire line is constructed from a variety of interesting and unusual materials such as oak, volcanic sand plaster, and hand-woven bamboo rattan from the philippines.

and in keeping the sizes of each piece relatively compact, nendo accomplishes the design goal of "creating a sense of a small and tightly knit tribe, greater and better than the sum of its parts." (how great is that!?) i adore the visual effect accomplished through weaving and pattern creation. & the textural component each piece adds is interesting on the eye. the character of each piece, that feeling of old meets new allows for pieces to wear into any space well. the chairs are my absolute favorite, but they are all so stunning. enjoy!

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