Friday, August 19, 2016

have a lovely weekend

these are the sweet, lingering days of summer friends, how are you enjoying them this weekend?
I've been on a summer reading at night in bed kick. hoping to start this book, this weekend. i've also been enamored by swimming pool paintings lately, (not sure why...but there is a sort of purity to them don't you think?). liking her pool photographs, would like to try to paint one of my own.

whatever you do, wherever you go this weekend, have a lovely time!

and it's friday! so some fun finds from around the world wide web.

HEY rugknots.com, thanks for listing my blog as one of the best interior design blogs! i've found other great blogs (via your list) as a result!

dance around the house with me, it's friday!

oooh, this free people bodysuit! (so pretty on her!)

an unusual stone wall light.

speaking of unusual lighting, how amazing are these?

i want an entire cabinet of these hand poured bowls. (the making of them video is cool!)

fun xo earrings.

i really like these chairs for an outdoor patio.

if you like the eye trend in design, you'll like these.

and this lounge chair? possibly the most gorgeous one i've seen!

statement (and so fun!) earrings to love.

how FUN is this embellished dress for a party? (saw it here first).

just love this.

this mirror, in coral topaz. pure love. (but the price?! gulp.)

the cutest cactus vase.

cute containers.

wow, this bathroom sink.

a sunday jumpsuit.

the most amazing sideboard cabinet. (click on it for more & larger images)

this seaside home with its hull shaped roof is beyond spectacular!


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