Friday, August 12, 2016

have a happy weekend!

how has your week been? it's been hot, lots of places, but a beautiful summer for sure!
i've managed to consume a box of fudgesicles this week and plunked myself early in bed most nights, reading, with the fan blasting away. how have you stayed cool? i'd love to hear! have a happy (and cool!) weekend friends ;)

and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

i love this photo series of how your neighbors see you. reminds me of this, my favorite movie of all time.

how pretty is this top?

a cool idea, painting the interior of your front doors.

i love his portraits (especially of all of the artists!) and how everyone is virtually centered, and looking directly at him, you. his short films are terrific too, see them here.

this bangle!

a wow train station entrance in sweden.

such a fun lamp for a childrens' room.

i've been dancing around the house to get my days started on a positive note. wish i could move like this!

cool stools.

reaaaaly like these tables too.

the internet doing good things.

i LOVE all of the natural, quiet colors in this artist's feed.

going to try to make this, this weekend. yum.

loving these fishing hooks.

font love.

i really like the commercial design of this coffee shop.

a great do-it-yourself bench (those legs! and yes to yellow!).

this just made me laugh.

ok, these are gorgeous and look delish!

i SO wish i was in LA to see this!

it's been so hot, this is how i'd like to spend my weekend.

a pretty set of envelopes

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