Friday, August 26, 2016

have a fantastic weekend

happy friday to you friends! you made it to the weekend ;)
do you have fun plans or are you going to slow it down and relax this weekend? i'm on the slow it down side of things after a super busy week. and have you noticed the daylight hours waning each day lately? fall is coming and after a hot summer, i'm actually really looking forward to it. i'm hoping to sip coffee a little slower this weekend, finish this embroidery project (it's so close!) and maybe start a new one.

i hope that wherever you go, whatever you do, that your weekend is everything you wish for! and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

11 really interesting documentaries to check out (click on the titles for trailers).

a cute clothes hamper for a children's room.

the prettiest tea towels anywhere

a seriously WOW handbag.

a super sundress for $21.99?!

with the recent full moon, why not a full moon martini? plus it's GORGEOUS!

serious house tour love.

pretty desk things.

madly in love with this 2017 resort line.

this country gables blouse, in white
. so, so pretty.

how wild is this bear selfie? ;)

use this peace ashtray to hold jewelry, as a soap dish, or just display it, just kind of fun ;)

these clutches, especially this one!

a very cool nightstand.

these would make sweet nightstands too.

this crescent plant stand
is outstanding!

this wire outdoor furniture line is rather striking.

i want to move into this paris apartment. like, now.

just a pretty hairstyle.

been wanting to try this hairstyle too.

and it's friday, so this.


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