Monday, August 1, 2016

happy august! & workstead lighting

i'm loving this lighting find this monday, (and the name!) workstead...
founded in 2009 by stefanie brechbuehler and robert highsmith, workstead bases themselves between brooklyn new york and charleston south carolina focusing on "architectural and interior design, lighting, furniture and exhibitions."(see many of their impressive projects and commercial accomplishments here) but it is their brass lights that have captured my attention today.

as workstead describes their palette as "strong and rich, yet simple and efficient" i might also add in elegant here. there is something special about the lovely design of their brass lighting line, a rather sensual dance that is performed and accomplished between material and form, a keen understanding of each other's role in the overall design. and there are those times, as designers and artists, when we consider the work of our contemporaries, such as the lighting line that workstead is designing and producing and we say to ourselves, they've absolutely nailed it. in every way. this, for me, is one of those times. i love that! enjoy...

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