Tuesday, August 2, 2016

custom lighting from ro sham beaux

man oh man, if i had just the perfect area in a summer home, i'd be looking to charleston south carolina-based ro sham beaux for a custom beaded pendant light...
owner and principal designer ann yancy who studied sculpture, metal-smithing and jewelry is inspired by "the natural elements of the earth and sea," and utilizes materials such as hemp, steel and natural stones into her designs, materials that don't harm the environment.

you can even design your own, original ro sham beaux light from the website (selecting from beads such as recycled glass, textured quartz and lustrous crystals), check out the easy steps here! these were a few of my favorites but overall i'm torn between the bold brights of the aqua marine color palette and the pure white. not a bad predicament to be in. enjoy!

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