Wednesday, July 27, 2016

local & lejos

local & lejos offers uncommon goods, good you just won't find in common retail stores. local & lejos scours the globe for special pieces, hand-made by local artisans and then brings them all together to help enrich your home with meaning...
local & lejos is design with intention. in english, local is defined as "pertaining to a community nearby, or belonging to a neighborhood." lejos, in spanish, is defined as "pertaining to a place that is far away, or far in the distance." so what local & lejos does is "brings homegoods to your home from far away places while supporting the artisans that crafted them."

from the colorfully woven bowls (many from rwanda that take 2 days to make!), to the soft serape blankets made in guatemala, to the elegantly block-printed napkins from india, each piece feels as if you've found a treasure. they are special. the people that made them are special. local & lejos is, well, very special too. enjoy!

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