Friday, July 1, 2016

have a fun (long) weekend!

it's friday and a long weekend, BONUS!
are you up to fun plans? i've been feeling super creative lately, sewing, painting, baking (hence the foodie links below!) so i'm hoping to remain in that mode as it feels good when i'm in that sort of zone so to speak.

i just finished this book (long but very worth the time, hang in there!) and i have so many mixed feelings about it! at times i was on the brink of putting it right down and returning it to the library but there is something compelling about and in donna tartt's writing that almost forces you to trudge along and get to the end, as if it's a real reward for going through what much of the main character goes through (trying times to the point of such sadness) in hopes that there is a brighter light, like the bright golden color of the finch, in the end. kind of a WOW book for me. anyway...

it's friday and so, here are some fun finds from around the world wide web:

these clutches!

these are pretty darn fun too!

for me, growing up during summer = fudgesicles, these look amazing.

a cool architectural tumblr site to follow.

i wish this dress wasn't sold out.

darn, this crochet skirt too (but we can add to wait list!).

ok, i want to make these, they look delish!

fun for summer, drink floats.

a pretty summer necklace.

a gorgeous brass handle.

imagine being served this pie, beautiful!

this summer sunburst pie tutorial looks amazing too!

a gorgeous furniture line inspired by construction sites.

someone special to keep a musical eye on.

stuck for something to read this summer? this list looks pretty interesting.

another minimalist summer reading guide here.

sweatshirts aren't all the same are they? i could live in this summer "weekend" sweatshirt in heather gray.

a sweet summer jumper

boozy snow cones would be fun for 4th of july weekend.

LOVING these upcycled sail options for summer weather.

a cool coat rack.

a new favorite chair.

an unusual rocking chair.

a cool do-it-yourself summer bicycle basket idea

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