Tuesday, July 5, 2016

artist spotlight: mia christopher

san francisco-based artist mia christopher's abstract, mixed media paintings have captured my attention today...
mia works with gestural splashes of nail polish, ink and acrylic paint, generous blobs of glue & glitter and on surfaces such as paper, canvas and plexiglass, all making for expressive and textural pieces. mia regularly keeps sketchbooks, (see them here) (which i LOVE) displaying her very freeing use of line and experiments in color palette combinations.

mia's work is interesting and easy on the eyes. fun & flirtatious, free form goodness. when purchasing art, you need to really ask yourself whether or not you see a piece in your home, on your wall, forever. i would enjoy one of mia's pieces (her nail polish and ink pieces are my favorite, & which i've featured in this post) in my home. they have a very positive energy that i'm drawn to. enjoy!

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