Tuesday, June 21, 2016

the lost art of stained glass

los angeles-based artist david scheid is resurrecting the lost art of stained glass through amazing custom work and this rather captivating triangle series...
i must admit, i've had an on again, off again love affair with stained glass. younger, i found the medium heavy, almost clunky and even (dare i say it ) junky in some way. and i'm not sure if that comes from growing up in the 70's and witnessing home made stained glass window ornaments in just about every home i entered with silly designs and cheesy color palette combinations.

but david's work has me re-imagining stained glass in a much more lovely way. his simple geometric pattern combinations and sophisticated choices of color blocking contained in such a clean, incomplex shape as a triangle, makes for an enchanting piece of artwork. if you are building or renovating a home, the addition of one of david's stained glass windows, especially somewhere unexpected, would just be fun. enjoy!

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