Wednesday, June 8, 2016

only love is real

matthew and carly jo morgan are made by the morgans, who artsy.net just listed as one of the top 5 designers to watch. cool hunting writes that "each unique piece impresses feelings of awe and human connection." their line is chock full of harmonious shapes and colors, zen like lines and connections, there is an ebb & flow to each piece...
matthew and carly jo state that their designs are merely an outlet to "express our gratitude for our lives and hope to inspire others to feel deeply connected." wow. they also state that "these projects are exercises to help us remember that only love is real." (cue the suede rainbow bench seating). wow again.

scrolling through matthew and carly jo's work is like seeing an art exhibit where out of this world furniture is being showcased. oh, and they do exhibit, check out their "love tantrum" exhibit here. i am looking forward to keeping and eagle eye on these guys, to see where they go with design, what they come up with, what i can wish for next! enjoy!

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