Thursday, June 9, 2016


british-finnish design duo jo wilton & mirka grohn launched &new in 2014 and were rewarded by architectural digest touting the team "as one of the five uk-based brands and design studios to keep and eye on." i love this line, the steel core, the powder coated color palettes. the designs are airy & as & new's site states "combine an aesthetic of british wit and nordic simplicity"...
&new creates each piece in britain. they are strong, eye catching and made in small batches.

adding in one of &new's pieces to any space, residential or commercial adds a definite textural element with the steel architectural-esque design. spaces need texture, mixes and manipulations of texture (in my opinion) to remain interesting. your eye should roam around any space and be stimulated by many things. and texture is one of them to be sure. see more of what &new offers here. & enjoy!

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