Monday, June 13, 2016

monday & tandem outdoor seating

as i run outside each week, i'm always catching peeks at what choices people are making for outdoor furniture. and i love when i come across that particular home that has dared to be a little bit different in their choices...
i really like this "tandem" line from ego paris. i find the mixed use of metal and wood visually & texturaly appealing. they are spaces to be shared, they are inviting and flirtatious. and i love that!

ego paris states that they "are driven by the passion of the human relationship." and that their aim and ambition is to offer you the time to "experiment either the outdoor space alone or with the love ones with authenticity, in a spirit of conviviality, liberated from the social constraints." i love that too!

check out more of ego paris's line here. and don't forget the outdoor seating areas of your home. you've gone to such lengths to make your indoor spaces amazing, keep it going outdoors. with lines like this. get a little daring. enjoy!

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