Friday, June 24, 2016

have a relaxing weekend!

have you been soaking up the outdoor summer weather like i have lately?
crazy beautiful! what are you up to this weekend? anything fun or chilllllllling out? i feel like the week flew by and bam it's the weekend. not bad! i started sketching a new embroidery piece, so i'll be attempting to get going on that. i'm crossing my fingers on some good news (will share it with you if it comes my way). in between that, i'm on page 481 of 771 (pages!) of this book, had to renew the book twice at the library already (WHAT DOES HE DO WITH THE PAINTING?! it's killing me but don't tell me!). whatever you do, wherever you go, have a relaxing weekend!

and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

funny little lights.

my guilty pleasure (so fun!!), the latest carpool karaoke.

wishing that this was my future fall bag.

this cake looks delish.

a gorgeous instagram of handmade wooden spoons.

a seriously wow coffee table.

wow lighting too!

oh, and someone needs to buy me this pendant light immediately.

drooling over this resort line with its rose & neutrals color palette.

i really like the soft, uninterrupted space of this refurbished farmhouse.

this plant pendant light would be sweet in a child's room.

another very WOW french hotel to add to my vacation wishlist.

i just really like this space.

her landscape photography
, be still my heart.

a pretty white hat for summer.

i'm not usually a coaster person, but i like these.

the prettiest apple pie.

a fun succulent planter.

ooh, these gemstone bowls.

this dress in the color "sweet pea" is to die for.

pretty amazing bookcases (i want #5).

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