Friday, June 17, 2016

have a fun weekend!

it's friday! (like you didn't know already...)
do you have exciting summer weekend plans? i've had a great/inspiring week but one that took effort and energy. so i'm finding myself a little end-of-the-week sluggish and wanting to sloooow down this weekend. i just finished my first embroidery piece and have drawn up another one (a little more challenging) to begin work on. working on detailed little art projects helps to keep me still and relaxed. ;)

i hope that you enjoy your weekend to the fullest too! and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

i like this moon light.

oh, and this vintage german carpet too!

etsy love: this earrings.

seriously pretty white scalloped top.

a very graphic instagram.

oooh, these look delish!

very cool custom lamps.

his architectural paintings are intriguing.

i LOVE what they do with this wood!

a really great summer striped dress.

just look at what they are creating with vintage vases.

and speaking of vases, i REALLY like these.

i want this ombre bronze summer pullover for cool nights.

i like the way that this (charcoal painted) fireplace is styled.

have you ever worked in a restaurant? this made me want to run out and buy this book. the new york times review helped too!

a fun kids t-shirt. hey, wait! i want one!

and also about kids, she photographs what comes out of her 3 year old son's pockets. so fun!

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