Friday, June 3, 2016

happy weekend!

hey!...happy weekend!
(photo credit & beautiful post about it)

it's friday, the weekend is straight ahead in front of you...what are you up to? anything fun? i'm craving fish tacos, rose wine and reading outdoors in the sun. i've been embroidering (almost finished with my first attempt at it) and will share it on instagram when i am finished! i also just bought the sweetest small canvas and hope to begin to paint it this weekend too. something about the summer weather has brought a whole bunch of creativity out in me. but it feels good!

today feels good too. i'm hoping that you have a great day and happy weekend! & of course it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

colorful gloss vases for summer.

love this simple choker in sterling silver.

a funny short animation clip.

a cheeky silk scarf.

this white top! love!

cool clouds wallpaper.

if money was no object this would be an amazing statement necklace purchase.

this set of 4 baskets would be perfect in a walk in closet to hold loose socks, scarves, you name it!

considering a tattoo? his style is unique.

loving this gypsy sundance photograph (actual photograph, not a print, reasonably priced too!)

a gorgeous (could literally where this with everything) nude silk camisole. (see it on her here).

really liking her abstract figurative work.

new clutch love.

a spectacular vintage lounge chair.

sweet tiny shelving.

a refined mountain home tour (um, that herringbone shower!!).

i really like these marble pedestal tables with pastel bases.

if randomly changing out beds were easy, i'd want this one for summer. (see it here too!)

um, pink coruroy sandals? yes please.

this would be a pretty summer appetizer to serve guests (especially in a gorgeous outdoor setting!).

serious love for this fendi 2017 resort line.

fun emoji cocktail napkins.

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