Thursday, June 23, 2016

atelier areti

austrian/french sisters gwendolyn and guillane kerschbaumer are the architects/designers behind the amazing atelier areti...
each with impressive academic and creative backgrounds, (read more about the sisters here) they set up their own design studio after working with several prestigious architects and design offices both in europe and the u.s. atelier areti is primarily london-based but collaborates often with master craftsmen and manufacturers in germany and sweden.

from their use of fine materials such as white marble, oak and polished brass and glass, each piece is both sculptural and decadently functional. i've highlighted a small list of my favorites in this post, (those marble and oak side tables!) and had to stop with those as there are so many pieces that will truly stop you from atelier areti. see more of what they offer here. luxury items to be sure, but so worth it. enjoy!

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