Tuesday, June 14, 2016

artist feature: arthur hent

i'm loving this abstract line series today by french-based artist arthur hent...

arthur's linear works have personality all their own. and he actually names each of them a numbered "self-portrait." (some are drawn with a bic pen!) i love that. in 2013 the online design and culture magazine trendland wrote (here) of arthur & his work stating that "though his art consists mostly of just solid colors, bold lines, and rectangular forms, each piece exudes a presence that moves them beyond simple abstracted compositions. taking inspiration from abstract expressionists, hent has created a new kind of abstraction closely linked to the biological and technological world. no work contains words or realistic figures, and yet each digital portrait has a life and personality of its own."

abstract art is one of those subjective styles that some viewers either really enjoy, or not. you either really "get it", or not. or maybe you don't have to, maybe you just enjoy the marks that the artist makes, and that's enough. in arthur's self-portraits, i feel that i see figures in motion and still, seated or standing, that i see emotion even. not sure if arthur would say that i'm accurate. but just by the fact that i'm looking, that i'm enjoying...i think he would enjoy that too.

p.s. his strictly graphic instagram account is pretty amazing too.

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