Tuesday, May 17, 2016

rich brilliant willing

ok, besides the name, rich brilliant willing (right?!), comprised of the team theo richardson, charles brill, & alexander williams (get it now?), their powerful line of lighting has stopped me in my tracks today...
the team founded rich brilliant willing in new york, in 2007. today they have a global distribution network and clientele. i've never been shy here on the blog when it comes to my well runeth over love of lighting in the world of design. and rich brilliant willing concurs stating that "nothing is more important in shaping our sense of well being than quality of light."

and so think about this, think of how you feel at the ability to place yourself in natural light throughout your day. it boosts your spirits right? then think about when you have to be indoors, day or night. light can truly affect mood & productivity (i laugh thinking of this scene when it comes to bad lighting).

so it's exciting to me to come across designers like this. adding to the already amazing and creative field of lighting design. when design keeps getting better, year after year, that's something to write about. enjoy!

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