Monday, May 30, 2016


italian artist/designer cristina celestino is young, highly celebrated already and her glass "opalina" collection of furniture & mirrors have stolen my heart today...
according to cristina's site, up to the 19th century, "the word opaline referred to an off-white, rose color. over the years, the use of opaline glass has become more sophisticated in terms of color variations." cristina's opalina collection is made of "thick etched and painted glass slabs that give a translucent and silky appearance."

i've said before here on the blog that the medium of glass in furniture design is not my favorite medium. most of the time i find it cold and unapproachable. but there is something special about the ways with which cristina invites us all to enjoy her glass collection. part ethereal, part soft and dreamlike. nothing cold about these pieces here. enjoy!

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