Monday, May 23, 2016

henzel studio

i've followed swedish-based henzel studio, a luxury rug manufacturer for a years now on the blog, and i wanted to share some new to me pieces of henzel's collection...
and as if it's not obvious, these are statement rugs, they force you to reconsider spaces, to understand that they are going to steal the show. furniture, what furniture? the rugs are the prominent addition to any space when you select a henzel rug.

calle henzel, founder and creative director of henzel studio has expanded his philosophy of translating his artistic practice as a painter and collage artist into this amazing medium and now collaborates with some of the world's most innovative, contemporary artists as part of an ongoing initiative, allowing these artists to also translate their work through alternate media.

i truly love the impact and powerful presence of these rugs. as if you could tear down a graffiti covered concrete wall and place it on your floor. the rugs are fresh, original and make and leave their mark. no question about it. and i love that. enjoy!

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