Wednesday, April 27, 2016

tom skeehan & his hoshi line

i've fallen in complete furniture love with this hoshi line by australian furniture designer tom skeehan...

SKEEHAN DESIGN / PROCESS from Sixth Row on Vimeo.

i stumbled upon tom's company & line and learned more about him, his technique and inspiration via the design publication yellowtrace (you can read their well written story about tom here).

and as you saw in the video above, tom draws stimulation and influence from the japanese aesthetic, culture and design. tom understood the japanese understanding and appreciation of materials used in their design and took away that he too wanted to design products that had "quite alot of purpose and meaning."

whether you order and purchase a piece from tom's hoshi line or any of his other pieces, these are pieces you purchase that are lasting, these are pieces that are timeless, that are handed down, generation to generation. they are loved and appreciated. they are coveted and special. they have meaning. enjoy!

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