Friday, April 22, 2016

to the weekend!

it's friday, yeah for that! are you up to anything fun this weekend?
(classic kate)
i'm lately loving the look of giant, soft ferns (like this!) and i'm in search of one this weekend. the weather is wacky lately and i feel that i'm in the middle of a mess of clothes that run the table from winter sweaters to summer sandles. i literally had a sweater on with shorts the other day. nuts.

i hope that you have the kind of weekend you are wishing for! and it's friday, so some fun finds from around the world wide web:

this made me laugh.

how prett are these notebooks?

i also like her "keep going" necklace.

love this idea of detox icecubes. plus they're gorgeous.

and on that note, everyone is infusing water, like this, are you? i want to try it.

these ceramic ring dishes!

her paper sculptures
are out of this world.

a gorgeous shimmer series by designer patricia urquiola.

a sweet leather & wicker summer handbag.

just a great summer tube skirt too.

a friend of mine from harvard is staying here right now. looks amazing.

i like this tote. etsy love.

i really like this suede tote too. (ah, a little difference in price though).

i'd like this daisy skirt for summer.

for all year long, super pretty crystal cube stud earrings.

i like her string art, alot.

and of course, among everything else so great, among every other superbly original mark he made, there was the super bowl. the greatest ever! so sad...

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