Friday, April 29, 2016

have a terrific weekend!

we are one weekend closer to summer, yeah!

i've just changed out some of my fall/winter clothes for pink jackets and summer shoes. i'm praying that i can successfully put away sweaters and winter layers for the season, soon! i hope that you've had an amazing week full of inspiration, productivity and happiness. and if your week was not all that you thought it was, remember next week is a brand new start!

it's friday and here are some fun finds from around the world wide web:

LOVED this book, and the movie trailer is AWESOME.

now that's a treehouse!

a pretty yarn dyed lumbar pillow (from target!).

fun felt letterboard signs

that's all folks, print.

artist shawn huckins paints each piece by hand including the lettering. pretty cool.

looks like a cool hotel.

whoa, so does this.

cool mirror mobile half moons.

a curious e-shop (those clutches!).

she collected vintage mexican serape blankets on etsy until she had enough to reupholster these chairs. stunning.

how pretty is this ribbon choker in ivory?

a perfect summer dress (i love it in deep teal!)

these look delish!

pretty palm springs doors.

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