Friday, April 1, 2016

have a happy weekend!

yay for friday! you've done it! you've made it through another week...
are you up to anything spring(y) or fun? i'd love to hear! i just ordered this book and hope to start on it soon. & sometimes it's just about making a really good cake, i want to try this one. i'm also in the market for new, easy to slide on spring flats, these in nude from target (so easy right?) look cool. but the floral ones are pretty too. wherever you go, whatever you do this weekend, enjoy!

a few fun friday finds from around the world wide web:

cool cutting boards.

seriously loving this bookcase.

a fun "bathings girls" tea set.

the wildest starbucks i've ever seen.

the coolest barber shop

wow, this gorgeous table.

perfect summer sandals. except they are almost $700.00!

a brandy glass shaped outdoor fire pit.

pom pom love.

how fun are the line of vans high tops? so fun!

electric feathers is dressing up high tops too.

a pretty summer rattan lampshade.

really wanting this oversize clutch.

for a party, a sweet way to display flowers, plate them.

this chandelier! see it here too. pure love!

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