Friday, April 15, 2016

have a great weekend!

it's feeling more and more like winter is on its way out. raise your hand is you're feeling it too? mine is raised high to the sky...
so with that i'm getting outdoors more and more. for early morning walks, after dinner walks, (i've been running about 20-25 miles a week!) and loving it. spring smells, warmer breezes, it's all so rejuvenating and in so many ways. here's to hoping you have a relaxing weekend. and if your game, a few friday fun finds from around the world wide web for ya:

this week...have to say i've been feeling the nope mug.

sweet swan mugs.

these artists are literally painting the neighborhood.

the best new york city hotels for under $200 a night.

vacation inspiration.

these high hat cupcakes are so gorgeous.

super fun floor tiles.

chocolate rolls with roasted strawberry sauce
? um, yes i would like to try this please.

loving this planter.

her etsy shop is colorful & fun.

this made me laugh. and it's true. right?

can you need a chair? if so i need this one, in nickel velvet please.

i might really need this cabinet too. oh wait, yes, yes i do.

really cool lighting.

another sweet home accessory store find, (great gift ideas!) i mean come on, a knife the shape of a whale and rose colored bicycle bells in one store? so sweet.


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