Friday, April 8, 2016

have a fantastic weekend!

here's hoping that you are experiencing fantastic spring weather this weekend!
what are you up to this spring weekend? anything fun? i'm feeling all kinds of spring cleaning coming on. rearranging furniture, replacing pillows, looking at new bedding, things like that. are you getting the same itch? in between all of that, i hope to sleep in, read the new york times from cover to cover and breathe a little slower. right?

and it's friday again (whoot!), so a few fun finds from around the world wide web for ya:

love the latest car pool karaoke.

and this new music love coming out of seattle.

i want to try a bag of this coffee. she was raving about it.

i want one of everything from this store. and i'm not kidding.

her GIFs are fun.

who doesn't need a "today is going to be awesome" pillow?

these are on my summer must purchase list.

these are fun too.

how sweet is this heart polo dress for summer? so cute, that's what.

i will be watching this. all. weekend. long.

a cool way to get away.

yet another sweet online shop (that bandana tote is fun!)

this, this, and this tedtalk (and he is SO funny by the way!) inspired me this week.

how fun is this wearable planter? my favorite are the bicycle vases!

the sunday times called this hotel/resort "the most heavenly hotel on earth." so now i want to go of course...(and see her post about it too)


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