Tuesday, April 19, 2016

currently coveting from the apartment

if i lived around the corner or down the street from the apartment, (a to die for store in copenhagen that offers up a blend of 20th century furniture and fixtures but sells out of a beautifully restored 18th century apartment) i would be literally be there daily to see what new items they've gotten their hands on...
i've feature the apartment in the past on my blog, but i wanted to share some new items that i'm currently coveting. their pieces are not inexpensive, but when you want a piece of the past, in prime condition, this is a must stop and look site. i'm a HUGE proponent of mixing older and newer pieces. i truly believe incorporating pieces from different designers, from different eras makes for a super interesting space or spaces. keep your eye on the apartment. even if for one wow piece splurge. enjoy!

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