Thursday, March 31, 2016

too cool for stools

i've always loved the versatility of stools. the design is perfect really. but they are not always beautiful. self taught designer and california-based reza feiz of phase design does, make them beautiful that is...
in his about section reza states that he "continually strives to capture the modernist tenets of proportion and clarity in his work and draws upon both california and the greater global community of design for inspiration."

stools to me are sort of an addictive passion (unless that sounds crazy, then they're not, ha!). but seriously look at them. you can utilize them in so many ways. a quick seat, an ingenious side table, a place to put a cup of coffee or glass of wine or to just stand back and enjoy the overall beautiful design that they are. i could literally have stools scattered all around my spaces. i really like them that much. but these from reza and phase design, i love. enjoy!