Monday, March 14, 2016

monday & daniel duarte's designs

i love, love, love accent tables and stools because of the little touches they add to spaces in kind of big ways...
this "coterie stool" designed by daniel duarte (and just DON'T get me started on his other designs...crazy talented, those side tables!) captures the 1950's with it's "capitone cushion" but propels it forward, into modernity with those brightly painted metal legs & in the end, offers it up as innovative. he has elevated the stool trend and made it fun. the pieces bring texture, color and a fabulous use of mixed materials, which is always eye catching, is always interesting.

we are lucky to have our interests focused in the design world. because like daniel, there is a plethora of up and coming, dare to be different designers emerging...all of the time. it simply never ends. and much like the fashion world, we are drawn to particular looks, feels, and designers. today, i'm drawn to the contemporary and daring designs of daniel duarte. enjoy!

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