Tuesday, March 29, 2016

modani furniture: let's build a space

when miami-born modani furniture invited me to take a look at their product line, i immediately thought about virtually building a living room space selecting a few of my favorite items from modani's site. i want the space to be warm and inviting with pops of color. here's what i came up with.

for the main source of seating i chose the vicente contemporary 3 seater sofa in cream. and how amazing are the lower leather buckle straps? tons of interest added with just that touch.
to one side of the sofa i would place the hube contemporary walnut storage side table. fill it with books, sculpture, & something with a bit of color.
inviting in unexpected hints of color through pillows is also easy. pillows offer a simple and immediate face lift to any space. for this space i chose the sandi modern pillow in an energetic & reverberating square design.
continuing the lovely line theme, i really like this jaipur modern pillow, the  fluid, interconnecting lines help to keep your eye moving around the space.
i absolutely LOVE adding in an unexpected style, piece, or color in a space. to throw it off. to keep you guessing. the bovilla arm chair in fuchsia does the trick in this space.
every space needs a grounding piece, a center piece that brings the space together. the tanjay contemporary coffee table is perfect here. the reflective quality of the glass top will accentuate whatever piece you choose to place on the table.
utilizing the reflective glass coffee table top above, this contemporary panther sculpture adds a wow feature to the space. the sculpture is edgy and adds a sense of energy to the space. the sculpture also helps to pick up the chrome base of the fuchsia chair and the metal legs of the sofa, offering a visual consistency throughout, however subtle.
for another coffee table accessory i like modani's nem bol. paired with the panther sculpture it connects in material and tone. fill it with vibrant fruit for additional color or mixed geodes for color and sparkle.
the forbe contemporary camel leather chair would be another warm yet sleek seating addition to our virtual living room space.
how about adding a wow piece through the addition of amazing lighting. with alot of straight lines going on here, the large, round lumos ceiling lamp would offer in a change of shape to the space as well as a dramatic lighting fixture for added interest.
i also really like the kaluga contemporary t.v. stand for the living space. it's architectural design compliments the coffee table and couch.
so what do you think? can you see a finished space incorporating a few of my favorite pieces from modani? modani has so much to offer the imagination when planning a space. whether it be a residential or commercial space. i love companies like modani. their product line is simply exquisite and perfectly versatile at the same time. the modani line is hip and elegant at minimalist prices.

so go! check out more of what modani offers. use your imagination. and have fun doing it!

*thank you to modani for sponsoring this post. all opinions are my own.

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