Tuesday, March 22, 2016

jess's leather line

the netherlands-based design company, jess, has caught my leather loving eye today...
and this is a confident company my friends. what does that mean? well, the first line of their statement page reads "jess produces designer furniture with a unique character: reliable, pure and with a touch of audacity. we have 20 years experience and you can tell." see?

but i love that! get behind your brand, you materials, your product line. boast about it. bragging isn't bragging if you can back it up, right? and this leather line does. jess also refers to their line here and there as "daring" and "seductive." and it is. sumptuous materials, soft edges, natural and creamy color palette. they are provocative pieces, masculine and feminine at the same time. i have to say that leather isn't always my go to fabric when selecting furniture. and that's because i usually find most pieces repetitive in style and design and sometimes oozing an overall tackiness. but i reaaaaally like this line. alot. hope you do to. enjoy!

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