Friday, March 4, 2016

have a terrific weekend!

happy friday friends! hoping that you are about to have a terrific weekend...
on my runs outside i swear i can smell spring coming. and i'm ready for it! can't wait to shed some layers, run in shorts, and eat outside at some of my favorite cafes and food spots. do you have anything fun planned this weekend? i've been museum crawling lately and have another one in my sights to take a walk through this weekend. besides that just weekend relaxing! so it's friday. & so here are some friday fun links coming at you too, if you are interested...

oh, just a gorgeous home tour.

and another seriously beautiful home tour, here.

a crazy cool cactus torch for your backyard.

you could wear this ring with everything.

wanting this vibrant silk scarf.

really like this do-it-yourself idea this week.

a wow bedroom, and are those x's & o's door handles?!

love this leaning console idea, & in all of those color choices!

a pretty cool earring cuff.

i need want this: a unique quartz crystal light box.

not even funny how much i love this hand-dyed shibori sofa.

liking this do-it-yourself magazine holder.

and if you like the plywood thaaaang, how about this?

i want a lightbox in my house.

blog crush for pretty interiors.

this clutch would get you noticed.

i just started reading this book. i'll let you know how i like it.

have a great weekend & enjoy!

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