Friday, March 18, 2016

have a super weekend!

have a super weekend friends!
the weather is all over the place lately across the country, spring, then layer up again for winter temperatures & times of snow. crazy. i've been running outside despite it all and breathing in the all of those different temperatures is kind of fun. what are you up to this coming weekend? anything fun? i started a portrait on a large canvas and hope to continue working on that. also reading this book and having so many mixed emotions during it. have you read it? well, wherever you go, whatever you do, have a blast!

friday fun links from the webosphere:

i inadvertently found this the other day while looking for something else & i could not. stop. laughing.

a cute cactus pillow.

just such fun pendant lights.

these anti-theft designed lunch bags are a riot.

SUCH a pretty textile line.

i just had a BUNCH of dental work done and need to eat soft food for a few days, so i want to make these this weekend, they look delish!

a gorgeous blue sapphire suspender earring.

etsy love: this pink triangles pillow cover.

have you tried this perfume? i want to.

is such a pretty hairstyle for a night out.

want to try the full faux hawk too.

i could lounge around in this dress all. summer. long.

and probably in this galactic jumpsuit too.

crazy curious and talented still life artwork of things like jello molds and toilet paper.

easter is coming. this is a fun do-it-yourself project.


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