Friday, March 11, 2016

have a fun weekend!

it's friday, the weekend is right here, do you have anything fun planned?
it seems to be feeling like spring across the entire country, so i'll be outside alot this weekend! i'm on the hunt for a new bicycle. it's one of those things i've LOVED doing since i can remember loving anything. growing up, outside, rain or shine i loved riding a bike. there's a fun freedom to it (not quite what you motorcycle guys/girls experience but still kind of a cool feeling). and i'm kind of old fashioned and not too picky in the sense that the bicycle does not exactly have to be tour de france ready, if you know what i mean.

i like simple styles, like this or this. i had a friend years ago, knowing i love vintage looking bikes, who pieced together one for me from parts of bicycles left at the landfill. cool right? so that's on the agenda.

and it's friday (again) so here's another fun line up of stuff i found while browsing around:

i want to give these soft perfume samples a try.

is it crazy that i really want this pink lightning bolt mirror?

& what about a rainbow mirror?

jewel is touring again. man i'd love to see her. are you a fan?

a beautiful bathroom makeover (those wall tiles!)

pretty gold X napkin rings.

if you're ever in stockholm sweden, why not do a rooftop walking tour? (i'd be scared!)

and if that doesn't scare you, maybe this will?

a cool palmyra lamp

what a pretty outdoor view from this bedroom.

pretty candles.

a stunning before and after paris apartment.

& if you know this entire story, this home makeover is gorgeous in every way.

loving these new cabinets with old paintings.

possibly the sweetest food truck ever.

if you are entertaining, these look so fun for st. patrick's day.

my hair has almost always been this color (since i was born) but feeling like a change & thinking of switching to something like this.

wherever you go, whatever you do, have a fun weekend!

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