Tuesday, March 8, 2016

gauzy ethereal lighting

i definitely go through lighting stages, sometimes i'm drawn to completely opposite styles and materials used in their design. and it's not because i can't make up my mind. lighting is one of my FAVORITE design elements to add to any residential or commercial space. and there is such an amazing variety of talented designers, large and small that are designing and creating so many interesting choices for all of us, that you (i) have the opportunity to fluctuate now and then.

now, i'm drawn to the very gauzy, white, ethereal-esque lighting. the cloud like lamps that offer a particular sweet softness to spaces....
the swedish design collection artillery (when translated to english) offers up an eclectic variety of just about everything, furniture, home furnishings and yes, lighting. they offer alot of lighting. good for me, and you. these were a few of my current favorites. but that could change tomorrow. ;) enjoy!

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