Monday, February 8, 2016

monday & styling spaces.

i had fun styling one of my main spaces this weekend, and with the addition of one more large plant (i went into a store for olive oil came out with the plant, and the olive oil). because i was focused on color palette, placement and sometimes just the way that the light comes into play against particular backdrops in my own spaces, i began noticing many other spaces on line, that felt special too, in some way. here are a few recent favorites ...
do you guys fee like there are times, as you are building up your spaces, that the special things, the "things" that you REALLY want, become more clear to you than at other times? i'm not sure why, but lately styling my living spaces has felt effortless, interesting and fun.

once i have them more put together, i'll share with some links as to where i've found some new special things. for now embrace your monday, it's a fresh start to a brand new week! enjoy...

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