Monday, February 22, 2016

monday & modern macrame

last week, stylist, author, (t.v. host) and blogger emily henderson focused a post on portland oregon-based macrame artist emily katz, her work, her home and her workshops. have a look...
just the design and texture alone of macrame brings me back to, ah, (ahem) let's just say a time growing up when macrame plant hangers were in every room in our house...and our parent's friends houses. it was the texture of the time.

i love that it is not a lost art these days. we are seeing the art of weaving (all of the amazing wall weaving art that is floating around on really good blogs these days, like this one), lots of hand-made textile design and now macrame, which obviously just never goes out of style. it only gets better.

i love how emily is adding her own flair to each piece she creates. and that's what it's all about right? as an artist, you interpret, you are influenced of course by past and current artists and their work, but then you just do it, you create your OWN piece, with your OWN flair. it's yours. i'm glad that emily shares her work (and conducts workshops! go here!). that makes us lucky. enjoy!

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