Monday, February 1, 2016

insta-inspiration 2

i'm finding (like i'm sure most of you are) SO much inspiration through instagram lately. there are more talented people posting images every single day....
so i thought i'd start a series of insta-inspiration on the blog (this was #1). to now and then feature random instagram accounts that are in some way either moving me, stopping me, inspiring me and just plain ol' getting to me in some way. for my second post in this fashion, i'm lately drawn to caroline sleeper's feed, here.

caroline also has her own business, find her website here, where she specializes in social media, original visual content & graphic design. i could have literally posted every single photo from caroline's instagram feed. but in particular, her outdoor photographs and most especially her images of desert scenes and the flora that exist there, those are what i kept lingering on. so i thought i'd share. enjoy!

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