Friday, February 26, 2016

have a relaxing weekend!

is this year already flying by for you? wow, i feel like these first 2 months are like bam! almost over like that. i have alot i want to get accomplished this year, i'd better get going! (though i've been learning to slooooooow down and just BE more often than last year). my accomplishment wish list is more based on artistic projects and travel. i reeeeallly want to travel a little and take time away from the day to day, when i can.

how is your weekend looking? i've been in a quiet mood, reading & just gathering artistic inspiration from a bunch of sources lately. letting things come to me i suppose instead of chasing stuff all over the place. which is nice. i hope that you have a super relaxing weekend. and if you are interested, a few fun friday links comin' at ya...

i just ordered this and this from here. in lavender and clary sage scent.

50 golden rules, in work & in life.

i like her take on maximalism and her daring wall paint color!

how fun is this coffee mug!

really like these pillows.

& this chair.

he's making aaaaaamazing snow murals
in the mountains.

if you're into black and white, you'll love this line of bedding and blankets.

a glass box extension kitchen. imagine how beautiful it is when it rains!?

a pretty spring dress.

this cake looks delish, plus it's pretty too.

fun for summer, this triptych necklace.

this painted credenza storage unit is lovely.

make your own disco ball planter.

a sweet dessert bar interior & exterior.

saw this on cup of jo's site and i cracked up too. (new parents, you'll love it!)


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