Friday, February 19, 2016

have a happy weekend!

happy friday friends! do you have fun plans for the weekend or laying low?
i've been laying so low lately that i'm ready for a road trip to somewhere new (and trying to suppress the urge to book a short vacation, oh winter how you get to me sometimes!) i also just started this book and so far love it!

hoping you have a great weekend, and if you are interested, a few fun friday finds from around the webosphere:

new (total) coffee table crush.

a fun catch all dish.

pretty spring pillow colors.

this gold hand vase is interesting.

this wall is styled well.

sometimes you just need a coffee cup like this.

kind of loving the big bow lately.

a cool mirror with a leather strap.

addicted to these car pool karaoke's lately. they make me laugh! (love the rod stewart one!)

really like these rose linen waffle bathroom towels.

for winter, a warm chair.

a cool knotty floor cushion.

did you guys see these doors? wow!


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