Friday, February 12, 2016

happy friday & weekend!

it's winter, and this is the time of year i start wishing the time from now, to summer, would speed up...
i'm ready for waaaaaay less clothing layers and not constantly resorting to clunky boots instead of pretty heels. i've resorted to staying in more, creative juices are flowing (i just began painting again) and concocting a small side business, that i will share with you soon oh! and eating too much (though i have been running about 5 times a week, so...). so this weekend i am wishing for sun that is actually warming, tan skin and the sounds of the summer, outdoors. hey, a girl can dream. have a super weekend friends! a few fun friday finds, if you care to have a look...

i've always wanted to eat here. read a recent review, here. & chef grant achatz's book, after surviving tongue cancer!

this electric blue plant stand is gorgeous.

for valentine's day, a fun (and expensive) wine stopper.

i can't tell if i like this color bedding or not?

these rugs! pure rug love!

love this rose gold mirror, alot.

salted caramel gingerbread cake w/orange buttercream?. ah, yes please.

love this vintage inspired luggage line.

this light wash denim collar bow would be a pretty accessory for spring.

a new blog crush.

i've tried zipccar, multiple times with both up and down experiences. this app is an interesting new approach to scoring a vehicle for a short time.

a truly gorgeous food styling blog.

this "girls holding flowers" instagram site is worth following.

a fine necklace.

she wrote a great post about my FAVORITE mini-series ever on television.

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