Monday, February 8, 2016

fun with cacti.

there are particular shapes, textures & styles that never seem to tire in trend. the cactus is one of them. here are few fun finds i've been stumbling over lately, in the world of cacti...
clever cactus key chain, find it here.
sugar & moth's diy on transforming cactus planters, here.
artist chloe hall's cacti illustrations are super fun (see her work here & here)
this quirky cactus print offered up by babasouk would be sweet in a children's room.
a sweet cactus toy bucket for kids (or how about storing towels in the bathroom? or who knows what else!)
i've just decided i need this cactus pillow. find one for yourself, here.
she embroiders cacti for ya.
so does she.
a creative diy cardboard cactus project, try it out here.

just for fun...enjoy!

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