Thursday, February 18, 2016

andrea claire studio

ok, andrea claire is NOT messing around with price, but there is a reason...this amazing line of mobile light chandeliers are each one of a kind sculptures really, and can be tailored by dimension, color & materials used...to any client's specifications. so...
andrea is a graduate of rhode island school of design and california institute of the arts (oh yeah, and she surfs too, so that's cool). born in new york, andrea currently resides, designs & creates in brooklyn but is expanding her business and studio work to california in 2016, according to her site.

andrea designs mobile lighting that is constructed in both wood and porcelain with a number of finish options. every chandelier is made to order. click on any "series" within a certain medium and the structure is explained in more detail and even suggested as to what type of space to hang it in. just so great. oh, and her instagram site is really great if you want to see pieces hung in a variety of environments. maybe yours soon? i wish too! enjoy!

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