Thursday, February 11, 2016

an airy, eclectic home tour.

this amazing home was featured a while back on the design files. it's the home of paper engineer (hence the first image & throughout the home, keep looking) benja harney & interior architect andrew waller, both living and working in australia...
(images: eve wilson)
their home reflects both of their passions & styles as well as their unusual collection of transparent objects and collections from being well travelled. benja and andrew comment in the article (you can read it & see more of their home here) that their home "is where we live with our work to test out our ideas."

there is a fluidity to each space, or as it leads from one to the other, fluctuating between modern art-deco to vintage antique...and each more interesting and warm than the next. well styled, every inch. it's so lovely i wanted to share. enjoy!

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