Wednesday, January 13, 2016

what are you reading these days?

i would say that winter seems to pull me to the couch and that i tend to read more then, than in any other season, but summer, on the beach, with a great book? not much better than that either. i've compiled a short list of either books i'm reading or that are in line for me to read. many i've selected based on feedback from talented bloggers that, well, after they recommend books, i end up loving each and every one. have a look...
my favorite subject matter tends to lean toward crazy suspense, psychological thrillers, & true stories that are grippingly written books, anything that unfolds slowly where i find myself constantly guessing the end, from the beginning. i love that. but then i also LOVE current affairs, topics of government (government conspiracy too!), history, international relations. it's all so complicated that it's completely fascinating to me. anyway, here are a few current picks that i love or hope to read soon. hope you love these too!

new york times reviews on each:

blackout: remembering the things i drank to forget

when breath becomes air

one of us: the story of anders breivik and the massacre in norway.

between the world and me

the book of night women

the light between oceans

world order


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