Monday, January 4, 2016


if you are looking for a creative start to the new year, this is another cool choice for changing up furniture that might otherwise be plain or even slightly boring in its original form...
and hey, if you can find a sideboard or bed frame at ikea that is affordable but you wish that it had just a little more pizazz (first of all, grab it!) but then...change it up a little with what superfront has to offer. superfront is a swedish company that is sort of picking up where ikea leaves off, offering you attractive knobs, pulls, legs and color options to make a simple piece more original, more your own.

i love changing out hardware on new or vintage pieces (cabinets too!). sometimes just the smallest changes can really transform a piece that you were otherwise ready to part with. pretty pegs is another one of my favorite go-to sites for the same thing except it is all about the legs. enjoy!

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