Tuesday, January 5, 2016

karman lighting.

today i'm love, love, loving the texture in these "blackout" lights offered up by the (indoor & outdoor) italian lighting company, karman...
karman works with a host of provocative and innovative designers helping karman to accentuate its strong brand identity and unconventional line of truly interesting and amazing lighting.

take a look at some creative videos here too, of karman's designers, of how much fun they have in displaying and promoting their brand as well as karman's craftsman actually producing particular lamps, from beginning to end.

what i LOVE about companies such as karman is that as you or i, seek out lighting that not just anyone has, that not just anyone wants, that not just anyone has thought of when placing that unexpected piece in a residential or commercial environment, they have that. they dream it, they design it and then just like that, they offer it up, to not just anyone, and everyone. enjoy!

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