Friday, January 29, 2016

have a relaxing weekend!

hey, hey it's the weekend! well almost, it's friday though, that's a start!
what are you up to? anything fun? i just got 2 new books (this & this) in the mail and cannot wait to dive in. it's also my son's birthday coming up, so we are planning a celebration. can't wait for that too. my birthday is a doozy this year and i'm in the midst of contemplating something that i'll always remember. not sure what yet, my my gears are turning on that subject. if i decide to plan something exciting, i'll share it with ya!

i found a bunch of sort of cool stuff this week on line. figured i'd share... to end the friday on a funday note...

if you dare, super creative resume templates.

a disco ball planter? yes please!

how cute is this entire outfit, and that little bow!

i like everything in this house.

lately loving this artwork in a circle.

free printable valentine's love notes.

& these are all super sweet for valentine's day too.

love these prize ribbons. would be fun to give people randomly.

a cool desk organizer.

adele being hilarious.

like this do-it-yourself for faux brass drawer fronts.

a funky pizza i would love to try.

pink, glossy eye shadow, i think it's rather pretty.

really want this dress for spring.

a beautifully calming instagram site.

create a cool string garden with these. also fabulous for entertaining or decorating for a wedding.

kelly wearstler
is doing chocolate.

a cool way to display your magazines.

wherever you go, whatever you do, have a relaxing weekend friends!

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